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Electronic Cigarette Drop Shipping

Our system allows you to ship directly to your customer, from our warehouse, with your companies invoice! And you can fulfill all of your orders without ever having to email or call an order in. Everything is completed through an online shopping cart system that we have altered to perfectly manage an electronic cigarette drop shipping operation. You can fulfill all your orders right from our website. Your customer will not receive any information regarding our company. Our dropshipping system allows you to upload your company logo and contact information, which our shipping department is able to automatically print out by the push of a button. You simply pay the wholesale price, the shipping amount(calculated by weight, we give you the weights to add to your site), and a $3.00 electronic cigarette drop shipping fee to cover packaging/handling/processing. Note: You will need to add our products to your own website.

Drop Ship Account Creation Instructions

You can sign up for a drop shipping account by click here.

1) Create an account and when you sign up, select "Dropship" account.

2) Once your logged in to your newly created electronic cigarette drop shipping account, go to "My Account" at the upper right hand corner.

3) That link will bring you to the "My Account Information" page. You will see a section that just says "My Account", and right below that you will see "View or change my account information." Click that.

4) You will now be at a screen that allows you to upload your company logo, and company contact information, including your facebook link, and twitter. Upload your logo and fill everything out. But make sure that you resize your logo correctly before you upload it. You can do this in any photo editing program. Make sure its 200px wide. This will enable us to print an invoice for you, with your company logo, and contact information on it. This will make it look like your company is the one who shipped the products. We do not include our invoice, or any contact information for our company. The purpose of this is to make it look like you are shipping directly to your customer, so you get the return business. When your customer receives the package, it will say it's from "ECI". All packages are shipped discreet and bear no markings that would infer that there is an electronic cigarette inside.

5) You can then take all of our product photos from the site, by right clicking and hitting save. Upload these photos to your own website and use them to display the products for sale on your site. You can also get the weights, which you will need for your website, by clicking each product listing on - You will see that the weights are displayed in lbs (but in decimals). You should have all the weights programmed into your products on your website. You will need to charge your customers shipping. You will need the USPS shipping module installed onto your site, and have it calculating First Class Mail & Priority Mail. This will ensure that your shipping calculations are in accordance with our site. You can get our suggested retail prices from and - Do not undercut the suggested retail prices. If we check your site and see a major price discrepancy, we will contact you to change it. We appreciate your understanding, it is only fair to everyone else who is also carrying these products that we sell them around the same price.

6) We charge a $3.00 fee per dropship order. This is to cover our packing materials, and handling. You will notice that on each order you place, it will automatically add the fee to the bottom. You can pay with a credit card. You will be able to login at anytime and see your dropship order history, as well as obtain your tracking numbers. You will also get tracking numbers emailed directly to you, which you will be able to send to your customer. And that's it!

7) Do not use any of our brand names in your domain name. Such as Vapor King, Smoke Pass, Amerismoke, etc... It is important to create your own website name, and to trademark the name of your company on If you want more info on trademarking your company name, we can refer you to an attorney who can do that for you for a very affordable price.

If you have any other questions setting up your electronic cigarette dropshipping account through - Then please contact us at or 1-800-332-0916

Thank you!
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